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Easy Egg Recipes for 1+ Year Babies, Toddlers, Kids | Easy & Healthy Egg Recipes for Kids Indian

Easy Egg Recipes for  1+ Year Babies, Toddlers, Kids | Easy & Healthy Egg Recipes for Kids Indian

Egg recipes, scrambled eggs recipe, egg omelette recipe, egg and cheese recipes, egg and potato recipes, egg and spinach recipe, easy indian recipes for kids, Vegetarian Egg Recipes, healthy breakfast recipes, egg yolk recipes, good egg recipes, Indian Recipes for Kids with egg. Eggs are very nutrient dense food. They help gain weight the healthy way. Give this video a “Like” and Subscribe to our channel!

Here is the list of Egg Recipes shown in this video:
1.Scrambled Egg with Potato or Hash Brown Eggs
2.Hard Boiled Egg Recipe
3. Egg & Cheese Omelette
4. Scrambled Eggs Recipe for Kids
5.Breakfast Omelete Recipe for Kids
6.Scrambled Eggs with Spinach

How to Give Eggs to babies?
If your child didn’t start eating non-veg, introduce it like any other food – Small portions for 3 consecutive days
Start with hard boiled eggs. Then move on scrambled Eggs and finally to omelettes.
These recipes are meant for kids 1 year age and older

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